Frequently Asked Questions… And Our Answers to Them

Due to our extensive range of International Connections, we can provide services almost everywhere in the world. We’ve retrieved patients from all over the South-East Pacific, Asia and Europe. For a map of where we’ve been, Click Here

We have an impressive array of cutting edge medical technology and aeromedical aircraft on hand at any time, designed for a wide range of medical and travel needs. In 2014 Medical Air acquired its first Learjet 35A, the second Learjet 35A in 2015 and finally our third at the beginning of 2019. Our Learjet aircraft are all equipped with wide entrance doors for easy loading and Lifeport stretcher systems. We also have two King Air 200 aircraft capable to be reconfigured with single or dual Lifeport stretcher systems to carry out regional air ambulance work. All our aeromedical aircraft are ICU equipped.

Whether you’re an insurance provider looking to partner with an aeromedical specialist, or an individual in need of an emergency service, you should always seek out an experienced and trusted company, that owns and operates its own equipment and has full-time dedicated staff. The company should be accredited and have all related licenses and insurance. A smaller, specialised company offers a more cost-effective solution.

We specialise in Air Ambulance Services, Medical Escort via commercial airlines and Planned Patient Transfers from domestic hospitals.

Medical Air prides itself on being a small, personalised Australian company. Everything is owned and operated in-house, from our experienced Medical and Aviation Staff, to our 10 aircraft. Due to our small and specialised nature, we are able to offer the lowest prices in the industry for a high-quality service. We guarantee it!

Not only do we offer the best prices in the industry due to our low overheads and in-house assets, but we are considered an industry leader with more than 101 years combined aeromedical experience. We are also fully accredited with International Assistance Group which means our reach extends to just about anywhere Australians travel.

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