“Medical Air strongly believe in providing the right support for our clinicians to allow them to do what they are passionate about, and have expertise in – delivering high quality critical care”

Specifically designed for both domestic and international transport, our aircraft are ICU ready, permanently fitted with the latest Medical technology, offering smooth and efficient travel from almost anywhere.

All Aircraft are regularly maintained by our experienced in-house engineering and maintenance staff operated by parent company Formula Aviation, a Civil Aviation Safety Authority Approved Maintenance Organisation.

With 6 LearJet 35A’s in our dedicated aeromedical fleet, and our in-house maintenance company used exclusively for Medical Air operations, we are able to guarantee the highest level of safety and performance.

See below for information about our fleet.

The Learjet 35A is best known for its incredible speed and long-distance range, economical output, and good handling characteristics.

Our jets are fitted with long range fuel tanks allowing for efficient non-stop transport over long distances.

Features of the Learjet 35A:

  • Fast Cruising Speed (450kts/830kph)
  • Altitude of up to 41,000 ft allowing for smooth transport
  • Highly Economical with Low Fuel Burn
  • Long-Range Fuel tanks allowing 4500 Kms travel non-stop

Our 6 Learjets are fitted with large 36 inch cabin doors ideal for allowing the safe transfer of patients and loading of medical equipment on and off the aircraft, including Neonatal Intensive Care Humidicribs. The jets are also configured with a single Lifeport stretcher system and full ICU capabilities, with enough space to carry two medical crew and 1-2 traveling companions.


… it’s not an aircraft – but waiting for patients upon their arrival in Perth is our own dedicated ICU ambulance to carry out transport to local hospitals.

As you can see we offer the finest hospital to hospital emergency and scheduled transfer service available today and are backed by our team of medical experts.

When you need it most, we bring you home safer and faster.


The King Air 200 is the most successful business aircraft in the world. Since 1973, this model has outsold every other single line of business airplane, jet, and turboprop and has long been considered the best fit for air ambulance work worldwide.

Features of the King Air B200:

  • Short Field Performance
  • Room for Optimal Patient Comfort
  • Spacious Working Environment for Medical Staff
  • Reliable & Easy to Operate
  • Fully pressurised cabin for high altitude flight – allowing smoother flying conditions
  • Remarkable Safety Record

We have 7 King Airs in our fleet, two of which can be equipped with single and dual Lifeport systems and configured with full ICU capabilities.


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