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Global Medical Escort via Commercial Airlines

For less urgent cases, our Global Medical Escort services are a cost-effective solution

Medical Air have extensive experience repatriating patients via commercial airlines, to and from Australia and anywhere in the world.

Medical Air will coordinate the appropriate medical clearances with the chosen airline. Each case is assessed on it’s merits and the airlines medical division will determine if the patient is suitable for seated or stretcher transport. Our Medical Escorts can provide the necessary care (as approved by the airline) utilising FAA approved patient care devices including patient monitor, portable oxygen concentrator, infusion devices, and respiratory support including CPAP / BiPAP or invasive ventilation.

Depending on the needs of the patient and the approval of the airline, our Medical Escorts can accompany patients for repatriation via business class / first class seating or by stretcher.  This takes away much of the stress of the journey, knowing an expert is there at all times.

If the situation is urgent, please call +61 8 9414 9747 (international) or 1300 633 247 (within Australia)

Our Global Medical Escort services are a cost-effective alternative to our Air Ambulance transfers for less urgent cases. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive bespoke ‘bed-to-bed’ solutions.

Medical Air recognise that every repatriation is unique and we tailor solutions to meet the needs of the patient, and the budget, to provide the safest journey home … wherever that may be. Sometimes, a patient is located in a capital or major city with an international airport and is going to a destination with similar facilities. In these settings, the repatriation logistics are relatively simple. On many occasions however, the patient requires relocation to or from an international port. Medical Air examine all possible scenarios to deliver the safest and most expedient solution. This may take the form of either planes, trains, or automobiles … sometimes all of them. Our experienced and professional staff are with the patient for the whole journey.

Utilising our extensive network of Domestic and International connections, Medical Air is able to quickly organise all elements of the journey – including all planning, logistics and connecting road transports, permits and ticketing, airline medical clearances, and liaising with referring and receiving health professionals.

Commercial Medical Escort via Business Class / First Class

Our most cost-efficient option for suitable cases is an experienced Registered Flight Nurse who accompanies the patient on a commercial flight via business class seating.

Patients will generally need to be able to sit upright for take-off and landing for this repatriation mode.

Patients will also need to be clinically stable and not require intensive interventions / therapy during the flight.  Business class seating allows the clinician sufficient space to manage the needs of the patient whilst maximising patient comfort for the journey.

Commercial Stretcher Services

Our Commercial Stretcher Service is available for cases that do not require a dedicated Air Ambulance, but do not qualify for seated business class repatriation. Although more expensive than a business class repatriation, this mode provides a cost-saving alternative to an Air Ambulance.

Medical Air liaises with the airline to block off rows of seats to allow room for the stretcher and surround the area with a curtain for privacy.  Stretcher cases are always accompanied by two clinicians.

We arrange every detail of the journey including all necessary medical staff, equipment, road ambulance and airline logistics such as airport stretcher loading and unloading, permits and ticketing, oxygen approval and medical clearances.

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