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MedEvac – Emergency Aeromedical Evacuation

When the situation is critical, our Air Ambulance services retrieve Australians in need, wherever they may be…

If you have clicked through to this page, chances are you are going through a stressful time right now, with a loved one in need, a long way from home.

If the situation is urgent, please call +61 8 9414 9747 (international) or 1300 633 247 (within Australia).

We have Australian-based clinicians on hand to provide free patient advice. They will also outline all options to get your loved one home safely and in the fastest, most cost-effective way.

If you or a loved one are overseas, this may be the best place to start.

As good as the Australian Embassy and consulate staff overseas are, it’s widely acknowledged the wheels of diplomacy can move slowly at times, so direct access to Australian-based experts is often the BEST first course of action.

Again, if the situation is urgent, please call +61 8 9414 9747 (international) or 1300 633 247 (within Australia).

Whether the patient is located domestically or internationally, our in-house team of highly experienced coordinators, pilots, and medical staff are on standby and ready to depart at short notice.

We Take Care of All The Details

Our flight coordinators will plan and oversee every detail of a patient’s medical transfer, including:

International Repatriation

All Logistics and Costs
of getting them to the
end destination

International Flight
Permits and VISAs

Ground Ambulance Transfers

Bedside to Bedside Hospital Admissions

Pre-Medical Flight Clearance

Your own personalised
Medical Team

Remember, all our aircraft carry state of the art medical equipment to ensure the highest degree of care in the air - providing safe and efficient long haul domestic and international transit back home.

Personalised Service

With all assets owned and operated in-house, we have options available for most budget requirements and insurance options, personalised to your needs.

If the situation is urgent, please call +61 8 9414 9747 (international) or 1300 633 247 (within Australia).

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In an emergency +61 8 9414 9747 - 
Emergency +61 8 9414 9747
this is just a warning