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Hospitals – Scheduled Patient Transfer

Our National and International Scheduled Aeromedical Patient Transfer services are safe, reliable and hassle-free

In some cases, a Medical Service Provider may have advanced notice of the need to transfer a patient to a more suitable medical facility. Our extensive network of connections enables us to facilitate this with ease.

Whether it’s a recovering patient who needs to be moved intrastate from a metropolitan facility to a rural facility (or vice versa), interstate between states of Australia, or international between hospitals in different countries, Medical Air takes care of every stage of planning from advanced notice to bed-to-bed delivery. This can be achieved via dedicated Air Ambulance, commercial business class seating with Medical Escort, or via stretcher on a commercial airline (depending on route availability).

We literally do it all for you.

For Perth based patients we even have our own dedicated ICU equipped ambulance to transport you from the aircraft to hospital.

For more information please call +61 8 9414 9747 (international) or 1300 633 247 (within Australia).

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