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Are you an insurance provider, large company based in a remote location or a trade industry organisation looking to select an aeromedical specialist to partner with?

Welcome to the Cost-Effective, Reliable Aeromedical Transport Solution You Can Trust

Here’s why insurers and companies rely on us to get the job done with care and efficiency, while offering the most competitive pricing in the industry?

  • Recognised Industry Leader: Since we opened our doors in 2013, Medical Air has transported 500+ patients, spent 4000+ hours in the air and travelled more than 20,132,083 km
  • Reliable International Network and Reach: Our services extend all over the world. So far we’ve retrieved patients from more than 12 countries all over the South-East Pacific, Asia and Europe
  • Aeromedical Specialists: Our Aeromedical fleet consists of 6 Learjet 35A aircraft fitted with Lifeport stretcher systems and permanently configured for air ambulance services. With a team of  dedicated pilots, plus experienced doctors and registered nurses and then directly supported by our Formula Aviation team consisting of aircraft and avionics maintenance engineers and administrative officers. This equals lower overhead costings so we can offer the best and most competitive pricing in the market.
  • Accredited Service Provider: Without a government regulatory body, virtually anyone can offer aeromedical services with basic air transport knowledge. We are accredited by International Assistance Group with a reliable and trustworthy reputation in the industry. Our medical staff bring more than 101 years of combined experience in Aviation and are committed to provide a reliable and personalised service.

If you now feel Medical Air could be right for you, we urge you to Contact Us Today for a Complimentary, No-Obligation Consultation with Founder and Managing Director Shane Gifford

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